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There are many personal safety tips that can be implemented for lone workers, some of which may already be implemented in your workplace.

When it comes to contacting someone on the telephone often a ‘code word’ is used to warn colleagues or managers that a situation is occurring, it is a good idea to have this in place. This word needs to be one that isn’t used in everyday conversations but one that could be relatively easily slipped into a conversation.

When using an emergency code ensure that only one code is used, multiple will cause confusion. An example could be; Charlie Brown for an emergency.

If at any time you feel in danger or even get a sense that something isn’t quite right then do not proceed without another person. Follow your company protocol in this matter.

When opening up the business, ideally there should be two employees who open up the business. If this is not possible then a call should be made to a nominated person before you unlock the business and a call made once this is completed and safely unlocked

When closing up the business, if possible try to walk to your vehicle in pairs or follow the same procedure for phoning someone to say you are now safe.

Some companies will install some emergency facilities that enable others to be alerted in the case of an emergency. 

These include:

  • Panic buttons, that notify a specific person and sometimes the emergency services in the event of an emergency. These can also be installed in various locations.
  • Portable devices such as mobile phones. Many companies will insist that when working alone you have your mobile telephone constantly within reach.

Where possible always try to keep areas well lit and locked. This will increase the chances of people being seen and decrease the chances of unauthorised individuals getting in.

A personal safety plan is one of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself. It prepares you in advance for the possibility of a crisis. It allows you to list things that are helpful in the event of an emergency.

There should be a personal safety plan for all managers and all staff who are lone workers. The fundamental basics of these plans may well be the same however, this is about promoting ownership of safety and this plan enables us to do exactly that.

These plans need to outline items or actions that you would do to promote a safe working environment. It is essential that these are reviewed and updated at least annually.