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Remember, this course gives the basic information that is required in the common induction standards and you can print off the evidenced based learning statement from the home page of this site once you have passed the course which will prove what you have studied. You also need to apply this to your workplace and ensure that wherever you work, you follow the correct policies and procedures they have as these may differ slightly from the basic information we can give on this course.

What we cannot give you on this course is practical experience and what you need to do is to practice and learn while at work to ensure that you are competent to do your job well and in line with the correct policies. Ask your manager for guidance and your work colleagues are also a useful source of information to develop your skills.

Your training does not stop here, this is an induction course and you will need to attend more courses as you develop in your job. There are courses that you have to take to get more experience in the subjects we have covered on this course as well as new subjects. Your manager will be able to give you details of what courses you are required to attend.

Finally, make sure that you do not do things you are not able to in your job and stay within what you are trained to do. It is just as important to know what you cannot do as what you can do. It is very important to ensure the care and wellbeing of anyone in your care and they must be able to trust you at all times.