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Regarding an individual as an active partner in their own support or care and recognising their right to participate in the relationships and activities of everyday life as independently as is possible rather than providing care where the individual is a passive recipient is active participation in care is supporting active participation.

Involving individuals who use services in the way their care and support is delivered and recognising that they have different skills, abilities and preferences is a vital step whether this happens informally with individuals, in residents meetings or service user groups.

Supporting people to make their own choices means making sure they have the right information about the different options and any consequences.

In some cases this is not easy a carer may feel that the individual’s choices are unwise or in some cases dangerous. Allowing a person using health and social care to make their own choices may in many cases involve an element of risk but it is important to remember that people have the right to take risks and avoiding risk altogether would limit opportunities and choices.

Risk is a concept that is often seen as a bad thing however people take risks all of the time with beneficial results, as new health and social care opportunities arise there is likely to be an element of risk involved that needs to be considered.