Common Induction Standards for Care. Learn the basics of Common Induction Standards.

Learn the basics of Common Induction Standards.

Learn the basics of Common Induction Standards.

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Learn the basics of Common Induction Standards.

Induction training in the care sector provides a valuable start to care workers' new jobs. This ProTrainings course covers the eight standards using informative videos, and, when used with in-work training and experience, you can easily meet these standards. Since 2010, the Common Induction Standards (CIS) have been a key part of the early training for all adult social care staff. The CIS 2010 replaced the CIS of 2005. The CIS are to be completed before or within the 12 week from the start of the employment by the employee and they include several key areas. This course can be completed in one sitting, or over a period of time alongside work based training.

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